Hi, you creative and magnificent soul!

This page is for you who long for simplicity, relief, inspiration, empowerment … a feeling of being whole. It’s for you who knows that there is more to life than what grown-up life tells us. It’s for you who loves the magical and practical in a joyful mix. It’s for you who wish to see alternative ways of living. To put it out in the bluntest way possible, what you will get here is:

  • My journey towards a more joyful and simpler life through developed self-leadership and day to day lifestyle choices
  • How to find your voice in this digital world while staying grounded, happy and peaceful
  • Music. Since I’m a singer-songwriter
  • Inspiration to get outside and seek adventure, once the Corona-virus lock downs are over. You’ll get to see pictures, and stories, from nature/surroundings here in northern Sweden