I’m Linnea.

I create uplifting, melody-driven indie electro-pop music with influences from the ’80s.

I make music to inspire people to move toward their dreams.


On the 1st of September 2023, I released the fourth and last song before I’m releasing the entire EP. 

It’s called By the Unconditional Kind, and is now available on all digital platforms.

And this song’s about the ultimate kind of love—the unconditional one.

The kind of love that only you can give.. to yourself.

You can let go of so much weighing you down when you love yourself.

This makes you a free-flying bird, fast as a leopard, playful as a cat, and peaceful as an owl.

This is the way of giving yourself the gift of new beginnings.

Personally, I love this song.

Of all my songs, this one is the one I’ve listened to the most myself.

It gives me so much comfort and holds me in its arms.

Listen here.

Cover Art by Daniel Åberg
Photo by Anna Maria Liljestrand


The third song is about having someone believe in you.

Someone who sees your inherent greatness and reminds you of it.

I don’t know about you, but the people around me highly influence my sense of power.

I would not have moved to the south of Sweden to attend a horseback gymnasium if my father hadn’t believed in me.

I wouldn’t have started writing my songs and singing on stage if the friends I got there hadn’t believed in me.

I wouldn’t have run a marathon on Svalbard if I hadn’t had my ultramarathon friend Elisabeth believing in me and running it by my side.

Heck, I might not have recorded my songs if my friend and vocal coach Malin hadn’t said:

– This is what you do! This is what’s your specialty! Go be you!

And making friends takes guts, as much as going for your dreams does.

To make friends, you’ll need to dare expose yourself – to be seen by another person.

This song is a celebration of great friendship.

Listen here.

Cover Art by Daniel Åberg
Photo by Monica Sandström
Braids by Rakel


More than a year after the release of Awareness, I released the next single of mine – Dream Big Again

I wrote this song for you who’re carving your own path, and acknowledge the courage it takes to do so.

I hope it’ll work as a pat on the back for you, to do what you feel called to do here on this earth.

I believe following your calling is radical in today’s society.

It includes breaking the norm.

I hope this song will encourage you to proceed even though you doubt.

Listen here.

Cover Art by Daniel Åberg
Photo by Bea Holmberg
Styling by Syrran och anden


This song was the first song ever released in my own name.

It’s been heard and cherished by many, and I’m so thankful for having had this song channeled through me.

It’s about finding a connection to yourself.

About finding a way to listen to yourself and find a home within yourself. 

A place from which you can lead yourself and find answers to your questions. 

A place to rest, feel heard and held. 

Listen here.

Cover Art by Daniel Åberg
Photo by Isak Lundberg
Styling by Jenny Janse

Film by Isak Lundberg
Styling by Jenny Janse


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