My 60 day Vlog Challenge

I posted this first videolog entry on the ninth of October. In it I describe who I am and what this challenge is about.

A challenge to keep me accountable.

After a couple of months of being pregnant and recording my music, I felt like – I can do more. I then decided that I was going to put all my remaining efforts into building this site and my personal brand, as a singer, located in Northern Sweden.

To help myself stay on course and keep me accountable, I took on a challenge to post a video a day about my progress.

Every day.

For 60 days in a row.

That would mean that I would do my last vlog entry on the seventh of December if all went well. By then, I’d be eight and a half months into my pregnancy, and the child would hopefully have grown and been fully developed in the belly. It could decide to come out at any moment.

Now, having finished this video journey, I can honestly say that it has been both more rewarding and tough than I initially thought it would be.

Through these videos, you’ll see the unpolished, raw version of me. You’ll see the ups and downs, get some glimpse of me making and recording music, but mostly sharing my thoughts on my process and life as it is. You’ll also see me get more and more pregnant.

Here’s the Vlog presented with the latest post in the top and the rest of the entries in falling order. Enjoy!