My Story

Hi! I’m Linnea.
I am so glad you’re here, taking the time to get to know me a bit. 

Happy Linnea surrounded by flowers

So, who am I?

Maybe like you, I define myself as a creative person of all sorts. This has led me to study graphic design, produce short documentary movies, and become a singer/songwriter. I LOVE being outdoors, searching for everyday adventures. I have also just recently become a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher(!) 

I live in the northern part of Sweden in a small red house together with my boyfriend. We dream about getting our own cabin up in the Swedish mountains. We hike and run together, and are learning how to grow our own vegetables. Simple living is something we both strive for. 

The quest of living life in color

For most of my life, I have been jumping between jobs and studies. I’ve been searching for something to do that’s sustainable for me. Something I could believe in, something I could see myself doing for a living in the long run.

I don’t know how you feel but I have always wanted to wake up with that feeling of excitement in the morning. I mean think about it…

Both you and I get to embrace a new day every morning, alive in this incredible world. There should be a way to live to truly be here for this life, feeling present and alive, don’t you think?

My father has worked both as an employee and an entrepreneur and has always loved his job. Therefore I knew there was a way, I only needed to find it. 

I have tried a lot of different settings. I’ve had spare jobs to fund my musical aspirations and been doing seasonal work at a ski resort. I also got an education as a graphic designer. 

None of it has made me feel like I truly wanted in life. Like I could be me, fully. The people down the line from the studies I partook in weren’t the kind of people I wanted to become. 

The best alternative I found was having my own firm making films. It was quite lonely though and the money was scarce. I couldn’t see a future where I was to be able to start a family living out of that, which still is something I deeply desire. 

Valuable life lessons and looking beyond what’s conventional

I hit rock bottom when I burnt out having a job as a marketer. It was well paid and it was the kind of job I was educated for. It looked good on paper, even in my own eyes, to work there. As it got harder to fall asleep each night and my memory started to fail me, I realized something had to change. 

After having my first anxiety attack ever in life, I saw that if I were to keep that trajectory in my way of living, I would lose relationships, ruin my health and.. yeah.. my overall spirit… 

Everything I was living for.

Somewhere deep inside I thought that there was something wrong with me, not managing to fit into this world. I couldn’t cope with a fixed work environment, set hours and the many un- and outspoken expectations of what I should be able to achieve during that time. 

Most people around me seemed to be okay with this, in my eyes, ”not sustainable way” of making a living, so why couldn’t I? 

Quitting that job put me on a path of self-discovery and healing, and I started opening up to a new paradigm. I was determined to find true joy again.

Since then I’ve studied to become a Kundalini yoga teacher. I did that mainly to rehab myself and regain/raise my own energy. I have also taken part in and gone through some heavy personal development courses, a meditation course, grief recovery courses and actually also courses in singing technique and natural horsemanship! OMG – that sounds like a lot, even to be me =D.

Some of the things I’ve gone through are the toughest things I’ve ever done, but it has paid me back tenfold in terms of released energy, lowered stress-levels and getting me my joy back in life.

Empowerment unleashed

Through an ad on youtube, I then heard about this opportunity in working as a digital entrepreneur. The guy in the ad told me about how that could improve my overall quality of life, giving me the freedom and flexibility that few other jobs can offer. What especially struck me of what he said was that it could allow me to align my work with my values and spirituality. 

I felt a kind of hope that I had not felt in a long, long time. Maybe there was a way for me to contribute to the world with all that I am?

The latest piece in my pursuit of true joy and meaning, is therefore that I have started to build an online business. I get all the education, guidance and support I need from an education platform and community that is all online. Doing this actually gets me that feeling of excitement in the morning! 

I’ve come to the conclusion that finding and spreading joy is my mission and purpose in life. Getting on the trail of digital entrepreneurship as well as these last years of personal development has given me the space to dwell in the things I love and want to share with the world, such as yoga, music and outdoor adventures.

What about you?

If you’ve read this far you’re probably on a similar mission. Perhaps you’ve had similar struggles I’ve had? Hopefully, you are one of the few who wants to step up and take your dreams seriously, as well as full responsibility for your own happiness.

On this blog, I am sharing my experiences from these last couple of years building up to this stage in my life, and the growth I’m now experiencing. My hope is that it will serve and be of use to you, and inspire you to take action towards fulfilling your dreams and start living your life in color.

If so, I would truly love to get to know you.  <3