The experience of love 💗

Photo by Anna Maria Liljestrand

What can be possible if I 
a) let go of all the strategies and behaviors I’ve put on to achieve closeness
b) let go of all the things I do to avoid criticism or alienation

How much love can I experience then? Who will I become?

If I don’t start to show up as I am, despite the fear of what others may think, I will never be able to receive what I most long for in life. Unconditional love. 

I can see that now.

It can seem contradictory, but the more I have adapted to others and run myself over because of it, the less I have felt loved.  

It has felt like all the affirmations I’ve received is because of the diminution acts I’ve done. The tampering with myself. The sacrifices I’ve made.

Who will I become when I let go of these strategies? Behaviors that only has acted as a flat coulisse, painted to seem three dimensional instead of being just that. 

That is a frightening question. What if there is nothing there behind the backdrop.

But I’ll tell you how it feels. 

First, there is emptiness.

Then I see it. Freedom. And the possibilities.

I sense curiosity and lust, as in a child.

I notice that the moment I let go of my own limiting beliefs and open up to the fact of me not knowing, I set the people around me free. 

What I feel now is a great feeling. Love.

With Joy