✨ Self Love and Compassion Calendar ✨

Boost your Self Love and Compassion for the New Year of 2020

The other week I sat down with a friend, one of those genious, sparkling ones.
 – I want to make an Advent Calendar for myself that’s all about small acts to boost ones Self Love and Compassion, she said.

A rush of inspiration sprang through me. I asked if we could do one together and if I could share it here with you guys. 

She got all fired up also. And with eye reaching smiles and colored pencils we sat down in her little red cabin and started creating this at once. 

Feel free to adjust the actions on this Calendar so that it gets that extra loving and good feeling vibe for you specifically. This is not intended to create extra pressure or musts in your life. See it as an inspiration to give this pre-Christmas time an extra glow. Small acts of prioritizing yourself really makes a big difference. 

We also want to encourage to keep your interaction with electronic devices (read: phone) as low as possible throughout the time you spend on your daily missions. If possible, lay it aside in a drawer or something. And put it on silent mode. Mindfulness you know ;). 

I’ll put it together in a printable pdf shortly but for now… Here it is! =D

Self Love and Compassion Calendar

  1. Give yourself a hug
    Or hug a tree. I prefer the latter. Trees are loving beings 😃

  2. Write a love letter to yourself 💕
    Get a piece of paper out, and a pen, and just pour the awesomeness of yourself into this letter. Put it away somewhere you can find it on Christmas Eve

  3. Put on your favorite song and dance throughout it
    Get some good vibration into your body

  4. Rest from social media today

  5. Cook your favorite main course for dinner tonight

  6. Light a candle and make a cup of hot chocolate for yourself
    Sit down. Sip it. Enjoy it. Do this solely. No reading, no podcast, no phone, no telly
    Here’s how I do my everyday hot chocolate

  7. Lie down on the couch and rest for twenty minutes

  8. Buy or make a Christmas gift for your self

  9. Light a candle and think of three things that you are grateful for
    Add some extra juiciness to this and think of the reasons why you are grateful for them 

  10. Do something you think is embarrassing
    In front of someone else or alone… But then again.. what’s the point if no one sees you? 😉 

  11. Practice nurturing self talk
    Set the timer for three minutes and give voice to nurturing self talk such as; I cherish myself, I love how I am evolving all the time, I appreciate myself, I am here for myself, I am a good person, I want the best for myself, I am creative, I am strong, I am smart, I believe in myself, I am worthy of all that I wish for, I am kind, I am taken care of, I am welcome here on this earth

  12. Book a friend date with a buddy

  13. Forgive yourself for something

  14. Do something outside

  15. Write down five things that you like about yourself
    Time to get pen and paper out again and love bomb yourself

  16. Do something you have been procrastinating about

  17. Take three deep breaths with your hands placed on your heart center
    Place both your hands on the middle of your chest where your imaginary heart is placed. Close your eyes, feel into it… Breathe.

  18. Read a chapter from your favorite book

  19. Say out loud that you are good
    Do this with or without looking into your eyes in a mirror

  20. Lie down on your sofa and listen to a new song
    It could be a new song of your favorite artist from the old days

  21. Do three jump steps
    In Sweden we call them “Hoppsa-steg”. Here a Swedish guy shows you how to do them. Imagine you are a bouncing ball he says 😄  https://youtu.be/RT7t5meOyn4

  22. Meditate
    If you have a meditation practice you are fond of, do this today. Otherwise, sit down, make sure both your feet have contact with the floor. Sit with in an upright position with your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and listen to this ten minute guided meditation by Tara Brach: https://www.tarabrach.com/ten-minute-basic-guided-meditation-practice/

  23. Time for some pre-christmas pampering!
    It’s time for a bathtub bath, a caring foot bath or an extra intentional shower. Use whatever you have available to make this as a pleasant moment as possible. Scented candles burning in the background, some soft music…
    Perhaps you have a body scrub or mudpack waiting in your toilet cabinet to be used? Or… you can do as me and mix white sugar with cold pressed sesame oil and use as a scrub. The sugar melts lusciously when the warm water touches it, caressing the oil into your skin. 

  24. Read your love letter 💖


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Me and my friend Monica  wishes you a Self Loving and Compassionate Christmas. May your nurtured and strengthened heart sprinkle stardust and shed light over your entire coming year 2020.

Much Joy